Expert Accounting Services in Wilbarger County, TX

As a certified public accountant in Wilbarger County, TX, Clint H Brints CPA, Inc. offers a full range of accounting services beyond just tax preparation and planning. We’re here to ensure your financial position is grounded in expert accounting, so your books are always balanced and your business is always in the black.

1120 clients have very different accounting requirements than individuals. While tax planning is important, business owners need current information to manage their businesses. Our role as an accountant is imperative and informative. We’re focused on increasing our 1120 customers’ success by providing a full and complete range of accounting services in Wilbarger County, TX. Some of our specialties include:


During a compilation, we assist management in presenting financial information as financial statements in the proper form. Compilations also require us to acquire an understanding of the client’s industry and to obtain specific knowledge about the client. Additionally, we read the financial statements and ensure they are free from obvious material errors. They provide no expression of an opinion on the financial statements.

Agreed upon procedures

Agreed upon procedures are performed when the parties involved concur they want the accountant to perform a specific procedure or set of procedures. They can be useful when you or a third party want some comfort about a specific area such as inventory or cash, but do not need the assurance and related time and expense of a full audit or review.

Agreed upon procedures deal with a diverse variety of subject matter, such as the quality of collateral or due diligence related to a business acquisition. In all cases, agreed upon procedures are solely the responsibility of the parties who specify them and they never provide an opinion on the subject matter or financial statements.

Contact an accountant

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